Riding Ashland

I recently made the 5 hour trip to Ashland, Oregon. A drive well worth the time. I rode with Tam Bikes (Mill Valley, California) owner and community manager, Quoc Phan - and Jane, a recent addition to Tam's stellar staff. The trip north is usually made in the evenings to avoid the heat of the central valley, with astop in the town of Dunsmuir, California to break up the drive. The morning wake was followed directly by coffee and massive breakfast sandwiches and the 1 1/2 hour drive to Ashland Mountain Adventures, run by "Wild Bill". The fun was about to begin...

170916_VB_In the woodsa_Ashland.jpg

Shuttle to heaven

Upon arrival, it was immediate evacuation of Quoc's fully loaded FJ and hurried loading into The Ashland Mountain Adventures 16 passenger van with trailer. The 30 minute ride to elevation leaves you in a massive parking lot near lift lines. A quick check of all gear and we are off.


The goods

Conditions were crystal clear, and trail conditions were medium to dry. My only previous experience in Ashland was full-rain. However, Ashland's dry soil composition doesn't translate into loose, and the lines of Ashland make for a blaze of flowing trail.



The extras were fun, but day 2 held some terrific riding. Out-of town lies a wooded local trail that breaks out of logging fields. At first overgrown and wet, with a slight uphill, the trail turns downward and turns into a 12 minute all-out tree lined blast. So good.


Special Thanks

Special thanks go out to Quoc & Jane for an extremely entertaining weekend, and to "Wild" Bill for showing us around this neck of the woods. Ashland Mountain Adventures



You don't always get to ride the local spots, but Quoc's rapport with Bill makes for some extra-curricular shredding. Bill a veteran pro and is near impossible to follow down what turned out to be steep, fast, duffy, brake cooking descents. Ultra gracious of Bill to get us up there to sample.


Headed home

2 9-5 days of riding makes for solid work. There is nothing like that feeling of riding your bike all out for 2 days, That kind of works makes one hungry and reluctant to pull a 5 hour drive home, but we made it. Weekend well spent.