Morning Coffee

I love coffee. Any good day must start with a cup or three of only the finest. And so I choose Cibo of Sausalito for that cup. I've been in attendance from nearly day 1 and know the owner and team by name. This place has revived me for countless mornings and hosted far too many of business meetings. I have to thank them and will shed a tear if there comes a time when I can't have a cup here. All coffee is roasted on site by Carla and everyone on the team can pull a mean shot of espresso.


Carla at work in the "greenhouse" roasting and coffee bar - where the magic happens.


Morning essentials

Beyond the terrific coffee offered, all Cibo food and pastries are made on site or within a few miles at their own bakery using local organic ingredients. The almond croissant is a personal favorite, but the rest of the menu does not disappoint.


A great cup

The owner of Cibo has a particular design bent which means everything is meticulously designed and terrifically presented, from the custom cup artwork to the labeling of hand made pastries.



The space

Sausalito has architectural character and Cibo benefits from the coupling of an old brick structure and the bones of an old gas station. It's both bright, rough, and charming. Showing up every morning at one spot for nearly 8 years has allowed me to show my artwork and cycling design work here several times, Above, my most recent works hang happily against the brick walls.


Special Thanks

Special thanks go to Tera Ancona, Carla, Alex, Stephanie, and the whole team for what you do to keep me happily caffeinated. / IG @cibosausalito